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Founder Of NID

At the occasion of the 36th anniversary of National Institute for the Deaf Children, it is my privilege to get diverted the attention of all good willed individuals, philanthropists, educationalist & human espirited people of the advanced world towards the serious & deplorable problems, being faced by the under privileged hearing impaired children. These socially ostracised handicapped children, who have no future careers before them, need your support to become the self-reliant members of the society. Their problems are also no less serious as compared to the deaf children, who come from a high & advanced society. If you keep these children too in your highest consideration & put your hand of affection over their heads, you will be rewarded and blessed. May God Almighty grant you strength & courage to come forward for the help of these deprived hearing-impaired children in Pakistan.

Dr Riaz Ahmed Sheikh (Late)
PHD Special Education

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