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It is to a segment of physically handicapped children, the deaf especially that National Institute for the Deaf, Gujranwala is playing a pivotal role in educating and looking after the deaf children of the community. Presently there are 300 deaf children in the institute, the majority of whom are either orphan or very poor. Apart from free educational facilities, they are also helped with free clothing, shoes, medicines, material for educational and vocational training and free transport facilities. There are 35 deaf children, who are orphans. The monthly expenditure of the institute is US$ 6,000 which is mostly managed through voluntary contributions, some subsidy from the Government and a regular handsome amount of contribution, made to the institute, out of the personal sources of the Founder of the Project. Besides general education, practical training in various handicrafts is also imparted to the children with the purpose of making them earning and well-adjusted members of the society. There are 25 qualified teachers in the institute who are very much proficient in their jobs and good in imparting instructions with dextrous skills. A proper account is kept for all the money received and spent. The institute is also approved under Charity Act by Central Board of Revenue Government of Pakistan and recognized by Provincial and Central Education Departments.


Being himself the father of a deaf daughter and son of a deaf mother, the Founder of the school Mr. Riaz Ahmed Sheikh felt and realized the plight and problems of such handicapped children and decided to work for their uplift and rehabilitati on while establishing an institution for them. Since Gujranwala is a mushroomi ng industrial city, 42 miles. North of Lahore and it has got so many significance for the last few years because of political, social, economical & industrial upheav als, therefore he selected this city to set up a school for the Deaf. When he survey ed the city and outlying areas of Gujranwala he was astonished to see that near about 1000 (one thousand) deaf children were wandering aimlessly in the streets without proper nourishment and education. The majority of such children belon ged to very poor and destitute families, and they were neglected and socially ost racised. If these poor disabled children had been left at the mercy of circumstan ces, it would have been a mighty blow at the back of mighty achievements of the modren man. Thus with the help of Almighty God and co-operation of his wife, Mr. Riaz Ahmed Sheikh established an institution for the education and welfare of the deaf children in the name of “NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE DEAF” in January 1969 and got it approved from the Government of Pakistan .For the acc omplishment of his noble urges, he dedicated his each and every thing I. E. Our personal living house, personal money, property and so on. In 1972 he went to England at his personal expenses for advanced qualification in the education in the Deaf from London University. In 1975 he sent his wife to New York, USA at personal cost for advanced training in the same field.

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